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What is AdTech Ops?

AdTech Ops is ‘Advertising Technology Operations‘. 

“Ad tech,” is short for advertising technology, it refers to different types of analytics and digital tools used in the context of advertising. Ad Tech is the back-end systems that help direct advertising to a target audience. This can include full marketing platforms like ad-serving platform, ad-server, creative platform, analytics & reporting systems, which are the part of digital advertising campaigns. AdTech is simply tools and software help brands, agencies, publishers to deliver digital advertising campaigns with ongoing analysis to optimize campaigns. The advertising technology predominantly depends on media. 

In today’s world marketers works with agencies to bring best out of digital campaigns with defined KPI. KPI can be based on branding & performance based campaigns, Marketers always look for innovative ways and these are the leading agencies WPP Group, Omnicom Group, Publicis Groupe, Interpublic Group and Dentsu. These agencies owns number of specialist companies of different categories like media planning, media buying, analytics, social marketing, SEO agency, etc. Marketers want to work with ad agencies who know how to make use of ad tech. These agencies are strive for developing and keeping abreast of ad tech resources, create the best services and platforms to marketers. Agencies know how to communicate with customers and how to get things done for marketers. Ad Tech Ops aka ad operations, is division very important backbone of any organisation, these ad operations experts know how software, services and technologies works and how to utilize it to meet the client requirements. Every marketer, agency, big publishers are depends on ad operations. 


Ad Operations

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